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Happy Halloween!




I posted three other Halloween-themed poems earlier today. I just now stumbled onto this one -- thought I'd add it to the Halloween-themed group.  Hope ya enjoy.😈

in the mood

the turnips on the mantlepiece are sprouting and
growing leaves. meanwhile, the pumpkin
has been carved into a jack-o'-lantern,
and is glowing softly yellow from the
candle within. it is halloween, and
the sexy naked big-dicked teenage boy
is lost in the old house into which
he has stumbled, on his walk,
from the transubstantiation of
paradise into the realm of ghosts,
and goblins, and things that go
bump in the night.
and so, now,
the sexy naked big-dicked teenage boy
finds himself standing in front
of the fireplace that has above it
the mantlepiece with the
sprouting turnips and the glowing
jack-o'-lantern, and, all at once,
the logs in the fireplace sprout
flames, and begin to burn.
it is a chilly old house,
and the sexy naked big-dicked teenage boy
stands there in front of the fireplace,
toasty for the first time since
he has entered the house.
as his skin warms up,
his dick gets hard and
he stands there with
his big sturdy dick pointing toward
the fireplace, and his
sexy naked butt toward
the darkness. he rubs
his hands up and down
his arms, and,
the jack-o'-lantern breaks
into an obvious smile.
the turnips twitch and
wriggle, and plot their
next move, while
the bats assemble themselves
in the attic, and prepare
to take flight -- for the window
in the attic is wide open,
as if that will help
the sexy naked big-dicked teenage boy
with his urges, standing there
in the dark. he hears the
flutterings of wings,
and then he whimpers,
rubs his hands up and down
his arms: they are still chilly,
and the goosebumps
are clearly in charge.

--Carl Miller Daniels (2013)

Happy Halloween!

Three Halloween Poems

i think he said his name was "lucky"

for his halloween costume,
the sexy big-dicked young man decided
to go naked. in other words, he decided he'd
"dress up" as a nudist.
this thought amused the sexy big-dicked young man
very much,
and, the first door he knocked on,
a young woman answered.
"trick or treat," said
the sexy naked big-dicked young man.
he held out a little brown paper sack,
and waited for his treat.
the young woman slammed the door in his face.
he turned and walked down the sidewalk.
very soon, a police car showed up.
two cops hurried over to the
sexy naked big-dicked young man,
and one of the cops wrapped a blanket
around him.
"you're under arrest," said the cop who
had wrapped him up with the blanket.
"indecent exposure."
"but it's halloween," said the
sexy naked big-dicked young man,
"and this is my costume. i'm 'dressed
up' as a nudist. get it?"
and then the young man
laughed, quite charmingly.
"yeah yeah," said the other cop. "very funny.
but you're STILL under arrest for indecent exposure."
and so the two cops and the sexy big-dicked young man
who was wrapped up in the blanket
drove to the police station/jail.
they booked the sexy big-dicked young man
and issued him some jail clothes and
put him a cell and told him to
get dressed.
the sexy big-dicked young man
refused. in fact, he threw off the blanket,
and stood there sexy, naked, big-dicked,
with a full horny erection that suddenly looked,
in fact, like it was made entirely out of
bone, and then encrusted with
brittle knobby chunks of tortoise shell.
there then ensued what seemed to be
a general melting and fusing of flesh,
and the creature that
the sexy naked big-dicked young man
had become kicked out the bars
of the cell's window, unfurled
a pair of wings, and flew off into the
starry night-time sky.
"happy halloween," were the parting words
the two cops heard, as the goosebumps
seized them, and covered their
pale municipal flesh.

--Carl Miller Daniels (This poem was originally published in the book Last Train to Noir City [2010]. It also appears in my book Saline [Interior Noise Press, 2014]. And, it also appeared in The Commonline Journal, October 30, 2015.)



beautiful big-dicked boy, his
big dick as hard as a shiny steel pipe.
chains are rattling in the background.
there are moans and sighs.  a big
dog, more like a wolf, really,
stands shivering in the middle of
the room, blinks,
squints, then trots off into
nothingness. THIS PLACE IS
beautiful big-dicked boy. he is
standing naked in the middle
of a big smooth room. there
is a large rumpled bed, and a few
over-stuffed chairs. the light
is dim. he doesn't know
how he got here, why he's
here, how long he's been
here, but his big hot dick
is hard and throbbing, and shiny
like steel, in the strange
phosphorescence of the light,
whose source he is unable
to discern. the room is
just strangely glowing. he
himself is shiny like
metal--beautiful and big-dicked
and horny as hell as chains
rattle, voices moan and groan
all around him, and the big
dog, yes, it is a wolf! no
doubt about it, the wolf
returns, growls, then
breaks into sobs and moans
that sound very much human.
the beautiful big-dicked
boy walks over to the wolf,
pats it on the head, and
the wolf's eyes turn white-hot,
and sugared cherries fall out
of its open mouth. the
beautiful big-dicked boy
bends down and eats,
starving for food,
and company.

--Carl Miller Daniels (This poem -- "undomesticated" -- also appears in my book Gorilla Architecture, published by Interior Noise Press in 2011.  Before that, "undomesticated" appeared in Thieves Jargon, June 4, 2009.)



people have wondered about Frankenstein's dick.
not the Dr.  but the Monster.
people have been asking questions about Frankenstein's dick.
people want to know.
people wish Mary Godwin Wollstonecraft Shelley (wife of
Percy Bysshe Shelley) had told them.
about the dick.
about Frankenstein's dick.
people wish she'd have made the story sexier.
people have been clamoring.
forming little garrulous knots and murmuring.
"i wish she'd have told us about Frankenstein's dick" they say.
"i wish she'd have told us."
lying naked on the table, the fully assembled monster had a
big big big big big male member.
she might have said.
the phallus swelled and lifted its phallic head as the rich dark
blood began to circulate through the monster's body.
she might have said.
the first thing the jolt of electricity effected
was the instant turgidity in the monster's male part that caused
it to come to life and
its white manly liquid instantaneously and copiously, and
fill the room with the scent of tall muscular maleness in all its
musky earthy
she might have said.
but she didn't.
and people have wondered about Frankenstein's dick ever since.
little mumbles of curiosity.
little whimpers of prurient interest.
little shouts and pants and moans
from under their sheets
in thick summer nights.

--Carl Miller Daniels (This poem also appears in my book Be Kind to Strangers, published by BareBackPress in 2015.)


Happy Halloween 2022!!


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