Monday, August 24, 2020

Gentle Reminder--

These days I'm having more fun at my newTumbl blog than I'm having here at my blogspot blog. So I'll be posting here less frequently than I did before. I do hope you'll enjoy what I've already posted here, and also hope you'll be visiting my newTumbl blog, and enjoying your visits there.  newTumbl is lots of fun!  Reminder--

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Hope you'll decide to set up your own newTumbl blog if you don't already have one.  Like I said, newTumbl is lots of fun!


 Victor Hugo Rojas (aka Victor Hugo) and Andy Warhol

 Jed Johnson, Jay Johnson, and Andy Warhol

                                  Andy Warhol and Jon Gould

blow job (this video also appears on my newTumbl blog)

Sunday, August 23, 2020

 Wonderful Book!

Yes! Wonderful book! I just finished reading it, and I enjoyed it immensely. Not only did I learn a lot about Andy Warhol, but I learned a lot about the times in which he lived. There's much information about Warhol's life as a gay man, about his loves and lovers. I learned what Warhol's life was like while he was growing up in Pittsburgh. And, when he moved to New York City, I learned about what was going on in the arts there -- and around the world, too -- during the 1950s through the late 1980s (Warhol died February 22, 1987). Blake Gopnik has a friendly, thoughtful, very engaging writing style. He provides many personal and professional details about the lives of Warhol and his friends and colleagues. Great book!  Warhol by Blake Gopnik. I'm glad I read it.  Highly recommend! --Carl Miller Daniels


Saturday, August 22, 2020

 sizzling boy

he is smoldering
he is sizzling
he has always been this way
his mother took him to doctor
as a teeny tiny child and doctor
said "he's fine, his body temperature
is just unusually hot"
now he is 19 yrs old tall good-looking
broad-shouldered long black hair and hot
he went to doctor and doctor
did some more tests and said
"eh hmm, while it is unusual for anyone
to have a body temperature this high, i
repeat, eh hmm,
it does happen occasionally
and you are HEALTHY."
boy who is hot gets into his
car and drives off to the shores
of a cool stream where he strips
and slips into the water.  he lies
on the sandy bottom for a while,
letting the clear cold shallow water
rush over him for a while, he is lying
on his back, his cock sticking up
above the surface of the water and out
into the air, "fuck it" he says,
masturbating frenetically,
shooting big wads of cum
arcing up into the air
they vaporize into
hot clouds of steam before they
can fall back into the
"now this," he says, "this just       
doesn't seem

--Carl Miller Daniels (This poem was published in Lucid Moon, Issue 21, May 1998.)

Friday, August 21, 2020

 primary source flight

mercury is flirting with 100
degrees F and the
sexy naked big-dicked teenage boy
is sweating
and masturbating lying
alone on his back on a blanket
in the woods, in a sunny spot
on a mossy spot of ground
and he is happily sweating
and masturbating lying
on his back listening
to the birds and looking up
amongst the tips of the
tree leaves and suddenly
the sexy naked big-dicked
teenage boy says
and he starts spurting cum
and he lies there
his fingers wrapped around
his big thick hot smooth hard dick
and the spurts of his cum
splat out onto his
chest and belly and
he lies there
in the sunshine
the mercury flirting with 100
and he
says "ahhhhh" again
and again, each
"ahhhhh" in perfect
unison with each spurt,
and when he's done
spurting and "ahhhh-ing"
he lies there
on his back his
chest and belly covered
with his cum which
he smells quite strongly
as he watches it to
see what the sunshine
does to it, the freshly
spurted cum on his skin --
it's such a hot day --
will the cum
dry up? get crispy? soak
into his skin? or just
mostly evaporate?
there in the heat? he
usually just wipes
the stuff off of himself
right away with
a wad of kleenexes but
today he's just lying here,
kind of thinking like a
scientist, actually, wondering
what will happen to the
stuff if he doesn't wipe
it off right away, just
lying there, his thoughts
kind of drifting --
when a
bright blue butterfly suddenly
lands on his sweaty cum-spattered
belly, unrolls its long coiled
proboscis, and starts lapping
up cum, the sexy naked
big-dicked teenage boy
realizes he's observing
truly amazing
"butterflies sometimes
lap up cum!" he thinks.
"butterflies lap up cum!"
he thinks
he'd love
to report
that "some butterflies
like to drink fresh cum,"
to somone
who should he
tell? who can he
tell about this?
and then, he
feels kinda really sad,
lying there, real quiet,
watching that butterfly lap
up his cum, watching
that little butterfly, and knowing,
yet again, this is
probably something he'll
just keep to himself,
like so many other things
in his life, wishing things
were different, the pangs
of loneliness,
yet again, making their
presence felt.

--Carl Miller Daniels (2015)

Monday, August 17, 2020

a quick outdoor wank (this video also appears on my newTumbl blog) 

Wednesday, August 12, 2020


These three photos of sweet sexy Liam -- along with approximately 55 other photos of him, recently appeared on my newTumbl blog. It's my recollection that all of these photos of him once appeared on one (or both) of Liam's Tumblr blogs, way back in the day, when he was active on Tumblr, when Tumblr was a different place, and he was routinely posting hundreds of selfies (self-portraits) -- and such sexy sweet selfies they are too! Ah Liam! So sweet! So sexy! So beautiful!

Saturday, August 8, 2020


after a long cold winter
a cute boy
on a warm day
takes off all his clothes
and lies down naked
on his back
in the sunshine in a
secluded woodland clearing.
he has a big smooth erection.
he wants to touch it
but is determined not to.
he thinks he's already
done entirely enough
of that kind of thing
during his life, thank
you --
his hands are
behind his
he stares
up at the
bright blue sky and
when his
cock jounces and spurts
cums all
by itself
he softly

--Carl Miller Daniels (This poem appeared in Chiron Review, Issue #64, Spring 2001.)

Wednesday, August 5, 2020