Monday, February 28, 2022

weights -- approx 30 seconds (This video also appears on my newTumbl blog -- I found this video at newTumbl.)

Sunday, February 27, 2022

perineum -- approx 20 seconds (This video also appears on my newTumbl blog -- I found this video at newTumbl.)

Saturday, February 26, 2022


the supposition that
life here on earth
is a few punctuation marks
of pure bliss
marking passages of
otherwise limitless boredom
and despair
built on a sexual model.
i mean, take a cute naked
big-dicked young man.
he is physically able
to spurt cum, in his
prime, 5 maybe 6 times
a day.
assumption: these (let's
be generous) 6 episodes
of cum-spurting in any
single given day all
occur as a result of acts of
solitary masturbation.
nonetheless: these 6 bouts
of cum-spurting feel
incredibly incredibly
good. he stands there
naked hot and sweaty,
blood pounding, working
his big hard smooth cock
until it spurts a few
globs of cum, and during
those seconds of cum-spurting,
he's the happiest most blissful
guy in the world.
then, that punctuation mark
having been laid down, the rest of
the day continues, i.e., the rest of
the passage, continues --
drearily and drearily on until
he's ready to bare his
big smooth cock and spurt
some more hot gooey drippy cum.
i'm just saying that
the highs of life, the
moments of pure unfettered &
passionate joy, are few
and far between.
if you think those are
the only things that make
a day worthwhile, for instance,
then, by comparison, the
rest of each and every day
is just one big blah expanse
of blahness.
people who want joy all
the time, every moment
of every day, often
go crazy hoping that
life will eventually
be that way. they often
go crazy hoping that
joy of the kind
exemplified in a
sexy good-looking
naked young man having a really
great orgasm and spurting
big gooey droplets of cum,
that kind of joy will
be permanent, all the time,
day in and day out.
some people are
wishing and wishing
and wishing life could
be like that, one extended
cum-spurt, one jolt of
pure white-hot pleasure,
every moment.
every day.
wishing n wishing n wishing.
too much wishing, that'll
drive ya crazy, too.
sometimes he lies on his
back, pulls his knees over
his head, aims the tip
of his dick toward his
mouth, and tries to
hit his tongue when he
cums. variety is important,
but some things, well,
they remain pretty much constant.

--Carl Miller Daniels (This poem appeared in Zen Baby, Issue #20, alas the final issue, 2009.)

 Art by Doug Melnyk -- 

from Twitter --

Friday, February 25, 2022

Christophe Jacrot, Greenland (via

hot guy masturbates in the forest -- approx 30 seconds (This video also appears on my newTumbl blog -- I found this video at newTumbl.)

Maruten animation -- pre-cum -- approx 50 seconds (This video also appears on my newTumbl blog -- I found this video at newTumbl.)

Thursday, February 24, 2022

Grant Wood -- Stone City, Iowa (via

fleshlight -- 7 seconds (This video also appears on my newTumbl blog -- I found this video at newTumbl.)

outdoor wank -- white t-shirt -- approx 30 seconds (This video also appears on my newTumbl blog -- I found this video at newTumbl.)

Be Kind to Strangers and Gorilla Architecture -- two books by me, Carl Miller Daniels. Both books are available at Amazon.

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

door (This video also appears on my newTumbl blog -- I found this video at newTumbl.)

handjob (This video also appears on my newTumbl blog -- I found this video at newTumbl.)

Monday, February 21, 2022

gorgeous masturbator -- this guy kinda reminds me of Gregory Smith from the tv series Everwood. He's hot!  (This video also appears on my newTumbl blog -- I found this video at newTumbl.)

naked theatre -- approx 2 minutes  (This video also appears on my newTumbl blog -- I found this video at newTumbl.)

Sunday, February 20, 2022

Ringo Starr -- front and back of a card from the "Beatles Color Cards" series -- the card is 3.5 inches x 2.5 inches


Carson McCullers is one of my all-time favorite writers. And Reflections in a Golden Eye is my favorite book by her. (I think I've read that book at least a dozen times by now.) Anyhow, I thought I'd share this passage from the Virginia Spencer Carr biography of Carson McCullers. I titled the passage "Carson McCullers and Terence".


Carson McCullers and Terence

Carson wrote in her essay "The Flowering Dream: Notes on Writing":

I am so immersed in them that their motives are my own. When I write about a thief, I become one; when I write about Captain Penderton [the protagonist in Reflections in a Golden Eye], I become a homosexual man; when I write about a deaf mute, I become dumb during the time of the story. I become the characters I write about and I bless the Latin poet Terence who said, "Nothing human is alien to me."

--Virginia Spencer Carr, The Lonely Hunter: A Biography of Carson McCullers, The University of Georgia Press, 1975, page 90.


This passage helped me appreciate even more the sentence "Nothing human is alien to me". I'd heard it before, but didn't know that it was ancient or that it's by Terence (195/185 - c. 159? BC). To me, the sentence "Nothing human is alien to me" says a lot about what topics are open to artists. Essentially, it says that ALL topics are open to artists! I like that concept, very much. And I like that Carson McCullers wrote about all kinds of people, in all kinds of complex situations, and that she wrote about these people with great insight, sensitivity, and understanding.

I highly recommend The Lonely Hunter: A Biography of Carson McCullers by Virginia Spencer Carr.

--Carl Miller Daniels

Friday, February 18, 2022


tractor -- approx 30 seconds (This video also appears on my newTumbl blog -- I found this video at newTumbl.)

gadget -- approx 1 and a half minutes  (This video also appears on my newTumbl blog -- I found this video at newTumbl.)

Celebrity Initials -- Playing Around

Hi again. Yep, turns out that I'm still playing around with my list of Celebrity Initials -- Celebrity Initials and the word associations that occur to me: sex fantasies, imagining, my not-so-secret longings, what-if's, could-it-be's, desires, and speculations, just plain kinda goofy OCD fun -- that sort of thing. A while ago, I added Kendall Schmidt to the list. I added him at the end of the list -- that's where all the new additions go. Today I'm adding Chris Pratt -- yep he's at the very end of the list, right after Kendall Schmidt. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy this, the brand-new edition of my Celebrity Initials list. Best wishes, Carl Miller Daniels (February 18, 2022)

Carter Jenkins, Cock Joy
Ben Affleck, Balls Adoration
Matt Damon, Masculine Dessert
Jamie Bell, Judged Beautiful
Zac Efron, Zoo Edging
Russell Tovey, Radical Top
Nick Robinson, Nude Rutting
Jay Ferguson, Jeweled Fucker
Billy Crudup, Bountiful Cum
Tom Holland, Tumescence Holder
Chris Evans, Creative Ejaculations
Shia LaBeouf, Schlong Lovely
Ansel Elgort, Androphile Electric
Chris Pine, Candle Penetration
Dave Franco, Deliriously Friendly
     Deliciously Friendly
     Delirious Frotting
Daniel Radcliffe, Dapper Rectum
     Dark Restroom
Paul McCartney, Persistent Masturbator
     Pretty Musician
     Pretty Masturbator
Joe Namath, Jutting Naked
Brad Pitt, Bioluminescent Perineum
Joe Montana, Jacking Moonbeams
Jake Gyllenhaal, Jizzes Gallons
Jace Norman, Juicy Nuts
Ricky Nelson, Running Naked
James Franco, Just Flirty
Clint Eastwood, Cowboy Enema
Rob Lowe, Rod Lotion
Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jerking Gigantic Lewdness
Lucas Till, Likes Trojans
     Loves Testicles
     Licks Tastee-Freez
Leonardo DiCaprio, Lord Dongness
Bill Maher, Beautiful Mind
Sam Rockwell, Sexy Rump
     Snug Rubbers
     Sexual Release
     Semen Receptacle
     Squealing Requirement
     Sex Ready
     Scorchingly Romantic
Tyler Posey, Twisty Pumping
     Tween Perfection
     Television Product
     Tawdry Penetration
     Too Pretty
Dylan O'Brien, Drunk Oblivion
     Daily Objectification
     Does Onanism
Joey Lawrence, Junk Luggage
Matthew Lawrence, Masturbation License
Sterling Knight, Semen Kingdom
     Spider-man Kisser
Nicholas Hoult, Never Hairless
Ryan McGinley, Regularly Misbehaves
     Rowdy Masturbation
Shia LaBeouf, Serious Lubricator
     Smart Licker
     Smears Lust
Avan Jogia, Almost Jelly
     as in, his cum is so sweet, it's Almost Jelly!
        RIGHT NOW!  OKAY?!?!
oh Alright one more
           Tom Daley, Too Delicious!  

Batman Robin, Beautiful Rimming

Chris Pine, Cum Pressure
     Chardonnay Pee
Joe Dallesandro, Joy Delivery
Peter Firth, Pouts Flirty
     Probes Feral
John Stamos, Jizz Sticky

and that's all for the moment -- maybe more initials
to follow, maybe not, will just see what the future holds...


Henry Cavill, Hot Damn!
     Harsh Cadence
     Halloween Candy
     Huge Climax
     Hung Chandelier
Tim Curry, Transcendent Confidence
Peter Hinwood, Pretty Hiney
     Poignantly Perky
     Perpetually Honored
     Please Honey!
Michael Landon, Memory Lane
     Man Lust
Charlie McDermott, Caffeinated Masturbator
     Copulatory Muscles
     Copulation Memories
     Clammy Mittens
     Cum Maker
Tyler Hoechlin, The Hunk
     TeenWolf Hottie
     Thoughtful Handjobs
     Tweed Humper

Kevin Zegers, Kindness Zone
     Kissing Zabka
William Zabka, Wanting Zegers
     Western Zest
Shemar Moore, Seriously Magnificent
Errol Flynn, Elegant Fuck
     Erotic Frankenstein (I'll bet he would have been an)
     Eager Fingering
Sidney Poitier, Specific Positioning
     Supine Projectory
KJ Apa, Killer Abs
     Kinky Assignments
Cole Sprouse, Candy Spurting
     Cums Spectacularly
Beau Mirchoff, Beautiful Man
     Big Meat

Gael Garcia Bernal
     Gentleman Great Butt
     Gooey Gelatinous Bed
     Greek God Body
     Gorgeous Gleaming Biceps
     Greetings Good Boys
     Grateful Good Boys
     Generous Genitalia Bouncy
     Glans Glossy Beaming
     Good Golly Beautiful!

Tony Perkins, Torrid Pubescence
     Tremendous Pulchritudinessiosity
     Troublingly Pretty
     Tropical Penis
     Touching PSYCHO -- great movie!
Tab Hunter, Total Hottie
     Tender Humor
     Terrific Hardon
     Tony Humper
     Thor's Hammer

Doogie Howser
     Dick Holder
     Dick Handler
     Dick Hungry
     Diddled Himself
     Dry Humping
     Drenched Humping
     Drippy Hiney
     Delectable Hardon
     Delicious Hardon
     Delirious Howl

Neil Patrick Harris
     Nearly Perfect Handjob
     Nice Perfect Hummer
     Nest Pubic Hair
     Nureyev Penis Heft
     Noisy Penetration Habits
     Nice Purple Hardon
     Nightly Perpetual Hardon
     Never Patient Hammering
     Naturally Perky Hardon
     Never Penetrates Halfway

LeVar Burton, Lovely Butt
     Lickable Balls

James Van Der Beek, Jizz Vacuum
     Jacks Vigorously
     Justifiably Vain
     Juicy vas deferens
     Jutting vander Dick Big
     Just Very Dawson Boy Wetdream

Logan Lerman
     Lovingly Licking
     Long Lanky
     Lingually Limitless
     Lime Listerine
     Looms Large
     Legendary Length
     Lubricated Lunges
     Lingering Looks
     Likes Lettuce
     Leafy Lettuce
     Lumber League
     Lava Lips

Jared Padalecki
     Javelin Penis
     Joyous Penetration
     Jurassic Pubic
     Jungle Pissing

Jensen Ackles
     Jovial Anger
     Jizz Aliquot
     Jet Airplane
     Jerking Avidly

Tye Sheridan, Too Sexy
     Thick Semen
     Twelve-inch SexPistol
     Twenty-billion Sperm

Seth Meyers
     Sweet Masturbator
     Sweaty Masturbator
     Sexy Masturbator
     Sugar Mouth
     Salacious Mustiness  

Pete Davidson, Pretty Dick
     Penis Delectabolis
     Politely Disrespectful
     Pubic-hair Dementia
     Pagan Dreamer
     (very) Popular Dancing (naked)
     Perfect Dimples
     Penile Display

Chris Rock
     Cum Rocketeer

Colin Jost
     Crocodile Jizz
     Carnal Jamboree

Michael Che
     Mega Cummer
     Mirrored Ceiling

Matt Bomer
     Magnificent Boner
     Magnificent Balls
     Magnificent Butt
     Magically Beautiful
     Mmmmm Boy!

Emile Hirsch, Excellent Hardon
     Extraordinary Handjobs
     Ejaculates Howling
     Earnest Hugger

Jesse Archer
     Jovial Argonaut

Aiden Shaw
     Attitudinal Sex

Kevin Bacon
     Keeps(on) Beating(off)
     Krakatoa Blaster

Taron Egerton
     Twelve-hour Edging
     Top-notch Entertainment
     Tremendous Ejaculation
     Thunderous Explosion
     Thoroughly Emptied
     Totally Exhausted
     Tight Entry
     Typically Elated
     Twice Everyday
     Thrice Erstwhile
     Tremendous Empathy(Elton)

Ashton Kutcher
     Apricot Kiss
     Aquamarine Kink

Matthew Gray Gubler
     Mighty Good Gonads

Channing Tatum
     Cum Toothpaste   

Cesar Vicente
     Charms Viewers
     Codpiece Vowels
     Cupid's Valentine

Tom Welling
     Tumescent Whopper
     Thermonuclear Wetdream

Tom Daley
     The Diety

Jeremy Allen White
     Jizzes Alone Watching
     Joking and Wanking
     Jerking and Wagging
     Jizzes Another Washrag
     Just Apply Whipcream

Matthew Mitcham
     Mesmermizes Me
     Mustang Masturbation
     Muscular Memories
     Mesmerizes Men
     Mesmerizes Many
     Merman Magic

Peter Firth
     Petulant Fuck
     Penis Festival
     Phallic Fixation
     Pecker Filmed
     Perfect Film
     Passion Flowers
     Powerful Fingering
     Penis Flaccid
     Perineum Funky
     Pleasure Fountain
     Pisses Fireworks
     Produces Firewood
     Puberty Ferocious
     Penis Frosty
     Prioritizing Fucks
     Pleasant Fantasies
     Perpetual Fondling
     Poetic Finale
     Posterior Flashed
     Planetary Fauna
     Pubescent Flora

Zac Efron
     Zoned Erotic
     Zillion Ejaculations
     Zipper Exhaustion
     Zigzagging Enthusiasm
     Zeus's Erection
     Zesty Entree
     Zirconium Electricity

Viggo Mortensen
     Viewed Masturbating
     Very Magnificent
     Various Methods

Robbie Amell
     Really Adorable
     Resting Ass-Up
     Rimming Allowed
     Rainy Afternoon
     Rank Armpits
     Rubbing Alcohol
     Repeat Application

Bradley Cooper
     Boner Captain
     Bourbon-scented Cum
     Best Coitus (Ever!)
     Buddy Creamer
     Boys Crave (him)
(and his) Big Cock (too)
     Beautiful Creature

Jonathan Taylor Thomas
     Just The Tip

Justin Timberlake
     Jizz Time

Hugh Jackman
     Heated Jockstrap

Taylor Lautner
     Toy Lover
     Testicles Licked
     Twilight Legend
     Twenty Lashes (but oh-so-gently)

Matthew McConaughey
     Masturbating Masturbating
     Mild Mannered
     Moist Membranes

Kit Harington
     Kiss Him
     Kind Heart
     Kinky Humping

Property Brothers
     Penis Buffet
     Power Balls
     Programmable Boinking
     Phallic Buttressing
     Pretty Brawny
     Penis Butter

Jace Norman
     Jizzes Nightly
     Jasper's Nipples
     Juggles Nude
     Just Nikes
     Jovial Naughtiness
     Jibber-jabbers Nicely
     Jupiter Nocturnes
     Jockstrap Needs

Asa Butterfield
     Absolutely Beautiful
     Addictive Boner
     Alarmingly Blue eyes
     Adventerous Bohemian
     Adrenaline Boyfriend
     Ahhhh Boink!

Donnie Darko
     Donnie's Dick!
     Donnie's Dick!!
     Dick Dick
     Dong Dick
     Dick Dong
     Delirious Dick
     Depressed Dick
     Demented Dick
     Daring Dick
     Double Dick
     Do-able Dick
     Drenched Dick
     Drippy Dick
     Drilling Dick
     Dicky Dick
     Determined Dick
     Dick Duty
     Dutiful Dick
     Darling Dick
     Demolition Dick
     Dong Dong
     Droopy Dong
     Definitive Dick
     Dandy Dick
     Dandelion Dregs
     Dramatic Derriere
     Double Danged
     Double Dribble
     Doughnut Dangle
     Damn Donnie!
     Damn Damn!
     Done Dreaming
     Dick Distressed
     Distant Drummer
     Does Double-duty
     Delectable Dong
     Delicate Dick
     Drained Dick
     Dry Dick
     Drained Dry

Aaron Taylor-Johnson
     Adorably Talkative Jizzing
     Agreeable Thick Jizz
     Aims The Jerking
     Attitude Thunderous Jovial
     A Tasty Jock

Ryan Phillippe
     Rocket Penis
     Rapid Pounding
     Reliable Penetrator
     Remarkable Physique
     Rests Periodically
     Rants Predictable
     Randomly Pontificates
     Routinely Polite
     Robust Personality
     Respects Pornography
     Reads (for) Pleasure
     Rated Platinum
     Rarely Platonic
     Radiates Physical
     Resplendent Package
     Reckless Puberty
     Relentless Pubic (hair)
     Raging Pheromones
     Royally Presented
     Repeats Pleasure
     Repeats Pleasure
     Repeats Pleasure
     Randy Penis
     Rank Pits

Chord Overstreet
     Cums Often
     Craves Oral
     Cock Oily
     Creative Onanism
     Colossal Organ
     Counts Orgasms
     Constant Obsession
     Cums Over
     Creamy Underpants
     Cock Oozing
     Carrot-insertion Optional
     Crude! Ouch!
     Cum-urge Overwhelming
     Climax Olympic
     Certifiably Orange
     Certainly Oregano
     Cute Onions
     Curly Onomatopoeia
     Calmly Oinking
     Credits Olives
     Cranberry Orange  
     Cock-shaft Oscillating
     Cum dries, and gets Crispy, Over time...

Daniel Tosh
     Dong Thick
     Dick Treat
     Dank Testicles
     Delicate Tits
     Dominates Time
     Double Trouble
     Drunk Talker
     Don't Try
     Deliciously Thin
     Deep Thinker
     Dark Thoughts
     (that) Dick Trick (he does)
     Do Try
     Dick Tracy
     Dick Tracing
     Dreams Television
     Dreads Tedium
     Dick Throbbing
     Diction Thespian
     Doodles Trilobites
     Direct Technique
     Dazzling Teeth
     Definite Tease
     Drinks Tequila
     Drinks Totally (naked)
     Doesn't Talk
     Drinks Tight

Timothee Chalamet
     Totally Charming
     Thick Cock
     Tasty Cum
     Tyrannosaurus Cravings
     Thumps Chest
     Then Chuckles

Johnny Knoxville
     Just Krazy
     Jolly Kinky
     Jizzes Knightly
     Jacks-off Knude

Andrew Dismukes
     Adorableness Distilled
     Anatomically Delightful
     Almond-flavored Dick
     Absinthe Drinker
     Accidentally Discusses
     Autoerotic Destinations--
        Alcohol's Demons
        Angels' Dicks

Dean Cain
     Dreamy Cock
     DIRTY Coitus
     (his) Dried Cum
        Decorates Curtains
     Dick Cock
     Dong Cucumber
     Dangerously Creative
     (his) Dick Craves
        Dick Chaos
     Drippy Codpiece
     Dribbles Controversy
     Drunken Cuddles
     (so) Dang Cute
Shawn Mendes
     Shirtless Man
     Sexy Magazine
     Sex Manual
     Skinny Methods
     Semen Measuring-cup
     Silent Masturbator
     Slimy Mallet
     Schlong Marbleized
     Stiff Member
     Se men
     Sensuous Musk
     Spider-Man's Mega Wetdream
     Slowly Milked
     Sexual Momentum
     Saw My (poems)
     Smiled Meaningfully

Chris Pine
     Cherishes Pubes
     Climaxes Powerful
     Chest Pounding
     Cock Penis
     Chanting Poems
     Coitus Propelled
     Chromatographic Projector
     (his) Crayon Pictures
     Create Peacefulness  

John Waters
     Just Wonderful
     Jolly Wanker
     Journal Writer
     Jizz Whiffer
     Judgemental Warrior
     James Dean Watcher
     Jerks Off Wistfully

David Schwimmer
     Dick Sprints
     Delicious Semen
     Drunk (or) Sober
     Dandelion Sex
     Delicate Scrotum
     Delightfully Scented
     Doesn't Snore
     Dreams (about) Snakes
     Dick Spurting
     Deliriously (happy) Spermatozoans

Jeremy Sumpter
     Jizzes Silently
     Jizzes Solemnly
     Jizzes Seriously
     Jizzes Smiling
     Jizzes Several (times a day)

     Solid Muscle
     Schlong Magnificent
     Sometimes Masturbates
     Semen MegaBlaster
     Sighs Meaningfully
     Serene Morality
     Sex Mitten
     Scented Male
     Scrotum Magic

Penn Badgley
     Pits Bushy
     Pubes Bushy
     Pubic Bliss
     Phenomenal Boinker
     Pretty Boner
     Pheromonal Balls
     Pouts Between (orgasms)
     Perfect Buns

Montana Jordan
     Masturbating Joyously
     Messy Jizzer
     More Joviality
     Makes Jokes
     Massively Jutting
     Mount Joy
     Mr. Jack-off
     Monster (e)Jaculations
     Massive Jizz
     Magnificent Jizzer
     Musky Jockstrap
     Moist Jockstrap
     Magic Jockstrap
     Megabamfactory Jamboree
     Mystic Jeans  
     Mmmmmm, Jeans!

Geoff Stults
     Great Smile
     Great Smell
     Great Sex
     Glans Shines
     Glans Shimmers
     Gigantic Spurts
     Greasy Shaft
     Grade-A Semen
     Generously Shared
     Growls Sweetly
     (while) Getting Sucked (off)

Aaron Paul
     Aesthetic Penis
     Amazing Penis
     Addictive Penis
     Adrenaline Pubes
     Accessible Perineum
     Apple Pie (eater)
     Any Position

Nick Robinson
     Nighttime Restlessness
     Nine-inch Rod
     Necessary Rubbing

Daniel Letterle
     Determined Lover
     Dislikes Lubricants
     Drilling Loudly
     Drooling Laughing
Parker Young
     Penile Yearnings
     Poking You
     Politely Yanking
     Perfectly Yummy
     Passionate Yanker
     Purposeful Yanker
     Playful Yanker
     Penis (12) Ynches
     Possibly Yonger
     Perhaps (even a) Yard
     Penis Yipes!
     Penis Yippeee!!

Andrew McCarthy
     Angelic Masturbator
     Analytical Mensch
     Agreeably Musky
     Acknowledges Mentors (in his
          very enjoyable memoir
          brat: an '80s story)
     Adolescent Melody
     After Masturbating
          Always Meditates
     Asking Meanings
          About MegaThoughts
     Adult Monsters
     Adrenaline Metaphors

Jack Bannon
     Just Beautiful
     Juniper-scented Balls
     Jutting Beast
     Jizz Blaster
Chris Evans
     Cum Everywhere!
     Coitus Expert
     Cucumber Eggplant
     Clarinet Ejaculations
     Craves Endzones
     Copper Eyelashes
     Carnal Energy
     Cosmic Enigma
     Cums Everyday
     Creates Electricity

Caeleb Dressel
     Cock Dick
     Cumlicious Dong
     Cum Drenched
     Cool Dude
     Creams Deliriously
     Cock Dripping
     Charming Dick-Methods
     Challenging Dick-Methods
     Cherry Delight
     Cliff Dweller
     Constantly Dreaming  

James Marsden
     Jizz Maker
     Jock Musk
     Jerks(off) Madly
     Jellied Masturbator
     Jolly Midnights
     Jazz Melodies
     (Oh the) Joys of Merlot
Elijah Wood
     Ejaculates Wildly
     Everyday Wanker
     Electric Wand
     Enjoys Wetdreams
     Engorged Willie
     Ever Wonder?
     Elongated Winter-snack
     Embraces Wrap-arounds
     Eerily Whimpering
Kendall Schmidt
     Kilowatt Semen
     Keeps Spurting
     Kinky Sex
     Kissable Smile       

Chris Pratt
     Cozy Penetration
     Cums Purring
     Cockhead Purple-Pinkish-Pretty
     Cosmic Perineum
And that's all for now... I might add more later, maybe. I'm trying to cut back. Sometimes OCD can be a lot of work. Anyhow, I guess that's about it for my list of Celebrity Initials, for today anyway -- February 18, 2022.