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parsley between the teeth

he still remembers living
in the dorm in college and being
hunky and 20 years
old and waking up that
afternoon from a sexdream and
finding a pool of his own cum soaking
the sheet from the sexdream he's just
been having and the sunlight is streaming in
like golden shadows
lighting up the cum-wet
tent he's erected
over his own cum-wet
he feels warm and friendly,
a young sex-god
banging the sunlight.
he's middle-aged now,
and, now, when he jerks off,
he finds that he still thinks back to that
afternoon in the dorm:
the cum-soaked sheet, the sunlight,
things that happen
when you're 20, good-looking,
lying naked on your sweaty back under a
gossamer tent in the stunningly bright
rays of the sun.

--Carl Miller Daniels (2015)

those two in bed jerking off -- approx 30 seconds (This video also appears on my newTumbl blog -- I found this video at newTumbl.)

1959 Pontiac

Sunday, January 30, 2022

playing in front of mirror -- approx 15 seconds (This video also appears on my newTumbl blog -- I found this video at newTumbl.)

reading in bed, and then... -- approx 2 minutes  (This video also appears on my newTumbl blog -- I found this video at newTumbl.)

hunky guy in green cap -- approx 1 minute (This video also appears on my newTumbl blog -- I found this video at newTumbl.)

the sweet smell of decay

some of us got together and decided to buy
an old mental hospital that we found in the woods.
it was in pretty bad shape.
some walls had collapsed.
there was water damage.
the forest had worked its way right into
the central lawn and up against the
main complex of buildings.
we contributed what we could.
a penny here, a nickel there.
it wasn't much of a down payment, but the
current owners didn't seem very set on the particulars.
we told them we'd get the rest of the money from the bank.
we told the bank we were going to turn
the place into a luxury hotel out there in the middle
of the wilderness with a five-star restaurant
and top-quality service.
the bank was most agreeable and gave
us the necessary funds.
i'm afraid some of us didn't work very hard to whip
the place into shape.
some of us spent most of the days just wandering
in the woods, looking at the signs of decay.
there was an old wall way out way away from
the main complex that didn't seem to be there for anything.
it was crumbly and big, and old vines and trees wriggled
all over it.
some of us spent a lot of time in our rooms, trying to
get things organized and livable.  ironically,
some of the rooms were already in really good
shape when we took over the place.
nice furniture, no mildew, good-looking carpets,
bathrooms immaculate and no rust stains,
those rooms went fast, there was kinda a stampede
on those rooms,
my old college roommate and i got one of those
rooms, he mostly wanted it for himself, but
decided he wasn't going to get rid of me
very easily, so he'd just accept the situation,
some of us tried to learn to cook, but
we weren't very good at it. some of
us spent a lot of time sweeping the hallways,
some of us really were good with hammers and
saws and sanders and power-tools and they
made a lot of progress. my old college
roommate was among that group,
i was kinda with the floor sweepers, kinda
with the guys who went out by themselves
and wandered in the woods on nice
days, sometimes one of us would run
into the other one and we'd take off
all our clothes and lie down beside
each other and we'd jerk off together,
talking admiringly, yet, with just a tinge
of bitterness, about the guys who were doing
the sawing and sanding and power-tool
using. then we'd get dressed and wander off
on our separate ways, and eventually
we'd end up back at the old mental
hospital. my old college roommate
was having less and less use for
me, he worked hard all day and
his muscles were getting bigger
and he was sore and cranky.
he was making noises that i should
do more work or move out. i kept out
of his way as much as possible,
and, in fact, i really did start doing
my work better, those hallways were
constantly clean and looked real darn good,
but i was still a little leery of him, and
for quite a few weeks i had developed
the habit of coming in late when he was already
asleep in his bed and watching
him sleep, occasionally he slept
on his back with just a sheet
over him and his big erect dick
lifted the sheet well above his
belly and it just kinda bounced
lightly with the pulse of his erection.
eventually the renovation was done.
we hired a really good chef and
a whole crew to run the restaurant.
guests began to come down the
old winding road through the woods and to
eat in the restaurant and to spend
the night in rooms in our old renovated
mental hospital. sometimes guests would
go out walking in the woods. sometimes
a solitary guest would go out alone,
and one afternoon a few of us
happened upon a guest all alone in the woods
and we asked him if he wanted to
take off all of his clothes and jerk off
with us and he said yes. he was
only 17 or 18 yrs old and he was
very very beautiful, with a really
big monstrous cock, and we all
paid quite a lot of attention to
him as he stripped and jerked off.
it was enjoyable, there in the
deep dark woods watching him
and each other jerking off,
although he was by far the
most fun to watch. he had
a great face and lots of muscles
and his fully erect cock was very thick and
probably at least 11 inches long,
maybe longer.
i think everybody came two or three
times that day. then we all got
dressed and went our different
ways and all arrived back at
the old mental hospital by separate
routes. the next day, the cute boy who had jerked
off with us left along with his parents.
the weeks went by. those who
sawed and sanded and
used power-tools called meetings
and told us we were making
a nice profit, that things were
going well, our duties became
more systematic, it was acknowledged, for instance,
in fact, my old college roommate said it quite
eloquently, that i was an excellent sweeper
of the halls, that i kept them really clean,
and that i should be assigned that duty
permanently. i flushed bright red
as he talked, and that night, when he
was asleep on his back, and i was watching
his big erect cock lift his nice white
sheet above his nice flat belly,
i pulled down the sheet very very carefully
and just as it cleared his thighs, he
opened his eyes, and he told me that if
i wanted it that bad, go ahead,
give him a nice slow handjob, and
that's what i did, he came all over his
belly and i wiped it off of him with a
nice warm soapy wash rag from our
bathroom, and then i rinsed his belly
with fresh water, and then i dried
his belly, and pulled the sheet
back over him and he went to sleep
in his bed and i went to sleep in my
bed, after first jerking myself off
as silently as possible, i don't think
my old college roommate heard
a thing.  weeks went by.
profits were up. we all had
food and a roof over our heads
and sometimes nobody did
hardly any work and in spite
of the fact that those who sawed
and sanded and used power-tools
held meetings and yelled at various
ones of us, it was noted that
sometimes the power-tool guys
didn't do all that much work themselves
on certain days, there was
general dissatisfaction from
the kitchen, the head chef quit,
and went to another job, and took
most of his staff with him,
there was a general feeling
of tension about the place,
the old mental hospital was
not attracting the customers
it once did, sometimes there
were days when there were
no guests at all, and some
of us fixed sandwiches for ourselves
and for everybody else, and sometimes
everybody had to fix their own
sandwiches, my old college
roommate started spending
a lot of time just laying about
the room and sometimes
he lay on his bed stark naked
and expected me to give
him handjobs without even
being asked to, i wasn't
liking him as much as i used
to, and sometimes i didn't
even come back to the room
at night, but lay near the old
wall way out in the woods,
listening to things move amongst
the fallen leaves in the darkness,
sometimes i took off all my
clothes and lay there spread
eagle on the leaves staring
up into the sky, there were
tears in my eyes, and as
the night wore on, i would
make growling sounds in
my throat to answer the
growling sounds i occasionally
heard around me, and then
i'd get dressed and go back
to the room and shower,
eventually my old college roommate
left the old mental hospital altogether,
and i had the room to myself,
for a period of time
there were no more guests at all
at the old mental hospital,
except one night the 17-or-18
yr-old guy who had jerked off
with us in the woods came back
and some of us ended up jerking
off with him in the old shock-therapy
room while we smeared jergens
body lotion all over him,
he left that same night,
his eyes were wild and
the tip of his tongue was
between his lips, eventually
there were only a few of us left in
the old mental hospital in the woods,
we ate coldcuts and bread,
one of the power-tool guys
was evidently pretty rich and a little off his
rocker, and he kept on
funding the place, but there
were no extravagances, it
was pretty basic, out there
in the woods. sometimes,
growling in the night alone
in my room, i heard others
growling, too, sometimes
i'd creep outside the door
of somebody i heard growling,
and then i'd try the doorknob,
generally it wouldn't open,
but sometimes it would,
and i'd go on in, and we'd
just sit down together, and
we'd talk about what
was going to happen next,
and we wouldn't have a clue,
we'd say we missed the good
ole days when there were
lots of guests and the restaurant
was still operating, and i'd confess
that i felt like everything was
going to hell, we were all
in one big long tailspin that
we were never going to get out
of, often the guy whose room i
happened to be in at the moment
would agree, and then sometimes
we'd just lay there not saying
a word, too tired to lift a finger,
too tired for much of anything,
eventually the power-tool guy
with the money moved out,
winter was coming, food
was running low, but
we stayed on anyway,
and every now and then,
guests still came, not
of the quality we were used to,
and not in the numbers we'd
once grown to expect,
but we were constantly surprised
by what people were looking for
out there in the middle of
the woods, our old mental
hospital looming grey and sinister
there in the clearing,
exactly what they are looking for
has never been readily apparent
to any of us, certainly not to me
anyway, and they tolerate questionable conditions
far better than i'd have
ever expected.

--Carl Miller Daniels (This poem also appears in my book String Bean, published by BareBackPress in 2018. The poem first appeared in my book Shy Boys at Home, published by Chiron Review Press in 1999. It also appeared in The Commonline Journal, June 12, 2015.)


outdoor masturbation -- autumn -- approx 2 minutes (This video also appears on my newTumbl blog -- I found this video at newTumbl.)

String Bean, a book by me, Carl Miller Daniels. String Bean is available at Amazon.

Be Kind to Strangers, a book by me, Carl Miller Daniels. Be Kind to Strangers is available at Amazon.

Siren and mirror arrangement   -   Veikko Vionoja ,1966 (via

Kenton Nelson (via

John Register (American, 1936-1996), Three Yellow Chairs, 1976 (via

strawberries -- found at redart2 on the newTumbl sign-in page

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Georgia O’Keeffe, The Barns, Lake George 1926 (via

pillow humping -- approx 15 seconds (This video also appears on my newTumbl blog -- I found this video at newTumbl.)

Yellow Boat, Laszlo Feher (via

Vincent van Gogh, Flame Nettle in a Flowerpot, 1886 (via

Sparton radio, circa 1930s

Various images from various places

masturbating in the backseat -- approx 3 minutes (This video also appears on my newTumbl blog -- I found this video at newTumbl.)

one possible course of action

in the battleground that was his bedroom,
the tall sexy young man
battled himself.
he battled himself for control
of his masturbatory inclinations.
he battled himself to be a better person,
to follow lofty goals, study well, get
good grades, interact effectively with
appropriate and significant and
worthwhile people.
mainly, though, what he liked
to do was get drunk and watch
pornographic movies and masturbate.
how could this be a bad thing
when he felt so good while
engaged in these activities?
he liked it there, alone,
the videotape running images
of all those beautiful naked
young men spurting their hot gooey
wads of cum. in fact, he himself looked
just as good as
more than one of these
sexy naked young men in the
videotapes that he watched
while holding his big smooth
nicely shaped dick in his
hands and playing with himself.
he looked good. he felt
good. his dick felt good
when it was hard and
being expertly fiddled
with by none other
than himself.  still,
though, he needed to study.
he needed to get good grades.
he needed to meet and interact
with appropriate people.
in short, he needed to make time
for everything that was not particularly
fun, and give up doing things
that were completely blissfully totally fun.
one morning he woke up naked
in his room with a hardon
and threw off the covers
and was just lying there
on his back playing with
his cock when his roommate,
a maniacal diabolical and
beautiful blonde young man
shoved open the door and
rushed in and caught
him in the act.
"Ha!" said the blonde roommate.
"Caught ya!"
instantly, the tall sexy young man
stopped masturbating and
pulled the covers up over
himself. "oh don't do that!"
said the sexy blonde roommate, laughing
maniacally.  "just feel free
to be yourself."
"what are you high on?" said
the tall sexy young man.
"various legal and illegal substances,"
said his sexy blonde roommate.
"thought so," said the tall sexy young man
who was lying on his back in his own
bed his cock long and thick and hard
under the covers.
"so go ahead," said his sexy blonde roommate.
"go ahead and uncover yourself and play with
your dick,
and i think i'll feel free to do the same."
at that instant, the sexy blonde roommate
off his pants and kicked off his underpants
and unpeeled his tight t-shirt and pulled
it off over his head
and then he started tugging on his big smooth
soon, it seemed like only a nano-blink of time and they
were both in the bed and they were tugging
very capably & with great skill and
seemingly innate operating knowledge on each other's
big hard dicks. and sooner still, lying
there on their backs their hands all over
each other's dicks and balls and bellies,
they were spurting about a pint of cum,
each, and then they were lying there
naked and gorgeous and big-dicked and gasping and looking
up at the ceiling.
the tall sexy young man said to his sexy blonde roommate
"i didn't even know you were gay"
and the sexy blonde roommate
said "oh who knows, i just felt like getting off,
and suddenly i just felt like getting off
with you."
"oh" said the tall sexy young man.
they lay there on their backs staring at
the ceiling and at each other, and
finally they wipe the cum off of themselves
with the blonde guy's t-shirt,
and just as they're about to get out
of bed, they change their minds
and spend the next three days in
bed with each other performing wild pleasureable
fantastic and extremely sexual maneuvers
and spurting cum and spurting cum
and spurting cum and they miss
classes they miss meetings
they miss gatherings
and at the end of the three
they realize
what they don't in fact miss
is any of that.
they spend the next 2 weeks
in bed, really only getting
out of bed every now and then to use the bathroom
and eat food, and everything's just
pretty much totally out of
and they don't
miss control.
the phone rings.they don't answer it.
people knock on their door. they
tell them to go away.
tests are missed. exams are skipped.
essays are not turned it.term papers are ignored.
they spurt cum and spurt cum
and spurt cum and lick and kiss
and taste each other hour in and
hour out, and
they get down to really
serious love-making,
their life's a blur, a dream,
a wisp of imagination,
and they vow
to keep it that way
as long as possible.
in a couple-three months,
they feel kinda sorta bad
about simply letting the rest
of the world go. they kiss
each other bravely and put
on some clothes and go
out to walk in the park,
the evening light creamy-pink
and tan,
the stars just starting to
peek through in the dusky sky.
"let's go back to bed," says
the tall sexy young man.
"works for me" says his sexy
blonde roommate.
they get lots of exercise
in bed. no flab grows on
them. they eat when
necessary. drink as
they can't keep their
hands off of each other
and each other's big hard
constantly cum-spurting dicks.
there is a constant
aroma of cum in the
there is no sense
that any of this
is going to end.
no sense at all.
after a while,
parents stopped sending
tuition money. so they
both had to get jobs.
they got crappy dull
dead-end jobs that
paid enough for rent
and groceries and allowed
them every single night
of the week to have
wild unfettered abandoned
sexual activity.
it's possible for this
sort of thing
to go on for quite a while.
it really truly is.
They had no regrets, no
doubts; they were
doing what they needed to do.
the rest of the world
was just kinda a dream,
an annoyance, a bother,
something to shut out
at the end of the day
as they lay blissfully kissing each
other's lips and pumping
cum out the peeholes of
their big sturdy dicks.
So see what a simple "Caught ya!"
might get you, if you
time things right?

--Carl Miller Daniels (2004)

humping -- approx 3 minutes (This video also appears on my newTumbl blog -- I found this video at newTumbl.)

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hunky guy masturbates in b&w -- approx 2 minutes (This video also appears on my newTumbl blog -- I found this video at newTumbl.)

Thursday, January 27, 2022

a natural history for pre-washed jeans

one day, a sexy naked big-dicked teenage boy
was alone, masturbating in the woods.
he was standing in front of a big oak
tree, looking at its bark.
he tugged on his dick and tugged
on his dick until he
spurted a big
load of hot cum onto the bark of the tree.
his cum clung there gelatinous
and gooey.
"spurting cum sure is fun," he said
in his nice deep voice.
his own voice made him think
of a low rumbling freight train,
the locomotive deep and powerful.
he had a great manly voice,
he had to admit it.
a nice deep masculine voice.
people noticed.
"my you've got a really nice deep
voice, especially for someone
so young." he
smiled whenever he heard that.
he was very good-looking, too.
sexy. wide-shoulders. great face.
nice, big dick.
the sexy naked big-dicked teenage boy
had been given quite a bunch of nice
gifties, and he was pretty happy
with how all that had turned out.
overhead, the oak leaves shimmered
in the breeze, and the
sky was the color of
peach flesh, ripped from
the pit.  in fact, it looked like
sunset was about to happen,
and, along with that,
the pattern of lightning bugs,
speaking their own silent language
of light, and scent, and the secrets
of the night.
the sexy naked big-dicked teenage boy
began to put on his clothes. he cleared
his throat, that low rumble again, then
a twist of his shoulder, as the
shirt found its fit.

--Carl Miller Daniels (2015)

wanking in the kitchen -- approx 1 minute (This video also appears on my newTumbl blog -- I found this video at newTumbl.)

fucking -- approx 1 minute (This video also appears on my newTumbl blog -- I found this video at newTumbl.)

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Sexy book covers.  All these are covers of gay pulp fiction books.  I found all these images at the blog "gaypulp" on newTumbl.  All these images also appear in my own newTumbl blog -- Beautiful covers! And newTumbl's gaypulp is a great blog! Highly recommend!

classic -- watching video game naked -- approx 30 seconds (This video also appears on my newTumbl blog -- I found this video at newTumbl.)

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 Some recent faves from my newTumbl blog -- I found all these images at newTumbl.