Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Diary, by Christopher Shellhammer



BG p6
(Beautiful Guy poem 6)

Eight years ago, when he was 18,
BG (Beautiful Guy) spent 3 months
in a mental hospital. It was there
that he got treated for
Manic Depression and accompanying
Anxiety and Paranoia.  Then he spent
a year in Outptient Therapy.
So the years went by and
now BG is 26 years old. Tonight
he's naked with
a hardon and sitting on his couch
in the living room of his cozy
little apartment.
He's smeared his dick with
vaseline, and he's watching
an old episode of Flipper.
Those two sexy brothers
on Flipper, ummmm,
ahhh, yummm, so BG is tugging on
his big hard dick, watching
the two shirtless brothers
on Flipper bask in the
Florida sun. BG is really
getting revved up, and
in a couple more minutes
he's spurting kinda an entire geyser
of cum all over his naked
chest and belly, and some
of it dribbles into his
pubic hair, making it
kinda a slimy messy nest
of thick curls and twists.  
BG slumps back onto the
couch, and sighs.
He feels good, post-orgasmic
good, and yet, kind of sad,
too.  He wouldn't call it
exactly depressed. But he
wouldn't call it happy
either.  Gee those two
brothers on Flipper have
each other to keep them
company, but BG don't
got anybody, at least
that's the way it feels
right now. He wonders
what his sexy friend Jake
is up to at the moment,
but he's pretty sure that
Jake is probably out
with a girl. Jake often
is. In fact Jake is probably fucking
a girl at this very minute.
The thought of Jake fucking
a girl makes BG's own dick
twitch, and think about
getting hard again. "Is my
dick actually thinking about
getting hard again already?" wonders
BG. And   
"Does my dick actually think?"
BG wonders, whispers, kinda
almost outloud.  Then
BG chuckles, to kinda mask
the feeling that he kinda
wants to cry.

--Carl Miller Daniels (December 1, 2022) 





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