Sunday, February 28, 2021

cute guy jerks off in bed -- legs spread wide -- approx 2 minutes  (This video also appears on my newTumbl blog -- I found this video at newTumbl.)

strong & silent

most gay men like looking at
photographs of attractive naked men.
we just do. trust me.
if there's a photograph of an
attractive naked man,
then be assured we'll want to see.
now, what i wonder is:
how are STRAIGHT men affected by
this kind of photograph?
are they disturbed?
unsettled? made uneasy?
annoyed, perhaps?
well, we may never really know exactly
how they feel about looking at
this kind of photograph,
but i do
strongly suspect that, at the very least,
it's really difficult for them
to DESCRIBE what they are seeing.
i'm pretty darn sure
when looking at a photograph of
an attractive naked man, and then being
asked to describe what they are seeing,
straight men tend
to avoid using
terms such as
"just a totally gorgeous guy",
"hot ass", "big thick super-smooth cock",
"sweet sexy sensuous little nipples",
"beautiful lips", "nice cockhead",
and the like.
well, poor guys.
my heart sure goes out to them.
can't speak the obvious. in fact,
probably literally hundreds of descriptors
are completely off-limits to them.
tongues are tied. speech patterns
are squelched. for them, "nice-enough-looking guy,
i guess" is about as descriptive as it's gonna get.
anything more than that, and,
well, everybody just gets kinda,
you know, jittery.

--Carl Miller Daniels (This poem was published in Chiron Review, Issue #81, Winter 2005.)

lanky guy masturbates (approx 2 minutes) (This video also appears on my newTumbl blog -- I found this video at newTumbl.)

 "Art is what you can get away with."
--Andy Warhol

Friday, February 26, 2021

Pomegranates, Majorca, 1908, John Singer Sargent (via

Poppies, 1886, John Singer Sargent (via

just the thumbs

cute guys who writhe --
ah cute guys who writhe --
cute guys who really truly WRITHE,
cute guys who roll around naked
on top of the sheets and WRITHE,
really WRITHE, well, they are nothing short of
wonderful.  twisting and
turning and rolling and extending
and flexing and well, WRITHING,
god, they are HOT.
cute guys who strip off all
their clothes and writhe,
who roll around naked
and exhibit paroxysms of ecstasy,
who stretch & wriggle & contort themselves
with the pleasure
and passion of being cute and naked
and sexual and alive and sensate
and who writhe and writhe
and writhe as the world
turns slowly:  ah, cute guys who
writhe! ah! cute guys who really WRITHE,
and mean it! "contortion" doesn't
begin to describe what they do.
"extreme stretching and flexing" --
that doesn't do it justice either.
"twisting and turning and
displaying themselves passionately and
exuberantly" comes close. but
what these guys do is WRITHE. and
when you see them writhe, you'll
know that what you've seen is writhing, and
you'll know that you want to
see it again.  by the way,
people also writhe in
the grips of pain, instead of
in the throes of joy. the
similarity of facial gestures can be
unsettling, and, to some, it is
quite troubling.  saints.
ah the tears and screams of the saints.
echoing into the night,
old church walls
shedding their paint.

--Carl Miller Daniels (This poem first appeared in Zygote in My Coffee, print issue #6, Winter 2009. It also appears in my book String Bean.)

big-dicked guy -- with real big dickhead -- fucks a fleshlight -- approx 4 minutes (This video also appears on my newTumbl blog -- I found this video at newTumbl.)

Gorgeous Tristan writhes and masturbates while writhing, makes announcement -- approx 8 1/2 minutes  (This video also appears on my newTumbl blog -- I found this video at newTumbl.)

Thursday, February 25, 2021

wind blowing against shorts -- 31 seconds (This video also appears on my newTumbl blog -- I found this video at newTumbl.)

horsepower and the art of mustang maintenance

when well maintained,
cars still go quite fast even when
they're just drifting, such as when the driver's
foot is off the accelerator.
sometimes his car drifts; sometimes
it accelerates; but, at all times, it
is still going very very fast.
in fact, the cute guy driver
who is getting a blow job
says: "even when we're drifting,
we're still going really really fast."
and the cute guy passenger who
is giving the cute guy driver
the blow job lifts his lips
away from the cute guy driver's
great big saliva-slicked-up cock
for just a moment   
and says: "yes, that's true: even
when we're drifting, we're still going
really really fast."
when the cute guy driver cums
and starts spurting a seemingly
endless series of cum globules
into the cute guy passenger's mouth,
and the cute guy passenger swallows and
swallows and swallows,
the car goes very very fast, then
drifts, but never moves slowly.
in fact, the momentum is always
more than adequately
of course,
the best sexual adventures are often
devoid of any technological advancements
whatsoever (for example: raw naked sex in
the wilderness never
goes out of style),
no matter what the demagogues tell you,
no matter what they preach,
and no matter what the manuals advise,
a blow job at 75 mph
always means those horses
are gonna

--Carl Miller Daniels (This poem also appeared in FUCK!, Vol. 11, No. 2, February 2008.)

1933 Hillman Aero Minx

 1930 Devaux

 1924 Isotta Fraschini

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guy masturbates in car while birds sing outside -- approx 2 1/2 minutes (This video also appears on my newTumbl blog -- I found this video at newTumbl.)

Some recent faves from my newTumbl blog (

Koloman Moser (Austrian, 1868-1918), Portrait of Egon Schiele, c. 1910 (via

Paul Klee - 1939, Intoxication (via

good god snap out of it

he's shirtless, 18, tall,
his skin is so smooth that touching
is like touching
his shoulder is like
touching an orgasm.
brass fittings have never felt this smooth.
that spot
in the middle of his back.
that spot, in
the middle of a sigh.

--Carl Miller Daniels (This poem appeared in Zygote in my Coffee, print issue #6, Winter 2009.)

Saturday, February 20, 2021


the silence was broken by the exuberance
of two boys fucking, taking turns
at each other's assholes, blowing their
loads so happily you'd a thought they
were never going to be sad again
about anything at all in the
great big entire world.
oh yes, they broke that silence
with pleasure groans and pleasure
moans and yips and yelps and,
every now and then, a giggle
or two. oh they had so much
fun fucking that you'd a thought
they'd never be capable of doing
anything else after all that
then, they got out of bed,
took a shower together,
kissed each other about 20 dozen
times, and headed off to the
open hungry maw that was
the world. while they
wandered through it and
did what they did there,
they thought about
the great time they had
just had while fucking their
brains out, and the erections
under their pants were
lovely and, to many
observers, absolutely

--Carl Miller Daniels

jerking off in the woods -- approx 2 minutes (This video also appears on my newTumbl blog -- I found this video at newTumbl.)

Fleurs, ca 1937–1938, Francis Picabia. French (1879–1953) (via

 John Williamson, Pansies (via

 Josef Stoitzner (Austrian, 1884 - 1951), Sonnenblumen (Sunflowers) (via

 Peonies by Albrecht Dürer (German, 1471-1528), ca. 1500 (via

 Still-life with Tulips, Gustaf Olof Olle Hjortzberg, 1928 (via

 Vincent van Gogh, Roses and Anemones in a Vase, June 1890 (via

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Some recent faves from my newTumbl blog (  Note that Brent Corrigan is the naked guy in bed in the two gifs at the top of this post.