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good clean allegory for the masses

crackers and wheat toast.
crispy crackers and dry wheat toast.
slices of cheese.
the slinky sexy track-star college boy
sat naked alone in his
eating his snack of
crackers, toast, and slices of cheese.
he was happy as could be.
the slinky sexy track-star college boy
liked to be naked,
liked the way he looked naked,
and this, the snack he was having
now, was one
of his favorite snacks.
the beverage was apple juice.
lots of it, too.
no booze for him, ever.
he loved his supple sexy body,
and he wasn't going to do
anything like that to that body of his.
the tv was on.
he was sitting on the couch
watching it as he ate
his toast, crackers, cheese,
and drank his apple juice.
there were two sexy young
men talking to each other
in the tv show that he
was watching.
his dick got hard.
he sat there eating
his snack with his hard
dick jutting up toward his
and he watched those
two sexy young men talking
to each other, and, he
was astonished when
they started kissing
each other, kissing
each other right on the lips,
and seeing them doing that
made his big dick hard and
throb with the beat
of his pulse and
as he swallowed a lump
of cheese he was surprised
to find himself spurting
big blobs of cum
all over his sexy naked
belly and sexy
naked chest. he hadn't even
touched his dick. it
had just started spurting
cum, kind of all by itself.
kaboom. splat splat splat.
all that hot smelly
cum on his belly and
the slinky sexy track-star college boy
sat there naked alone in his apartment
watching two sexy young men
kissing each other on the lips
and smelling the aroma
of his own pungent cum
mixed with the smell
of crackers, and dry wheat toast,
and cheese, and apple juice,
and his
cum-smell the strongest
smell of all,
he kind of whimpered
and kept
on watching and
and watching some more,
his hot cum puddling
on his
sexy sweaty

--Carl Miller Daniels (2012) (A slightly different version of this poem was posted a while back -- at least I think I posted the earlier version. Anyhow, this one posted here today on my blogspot blog,  May 31, 2022, has a slightly different ending than the older version.)

video -- sean-cody-smile-laugh-hot -- approx 1 minute

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postorbital Brancusi

sexy big-dicked young man
went about his chores in the
back yard. it was
a nice day, with lots of sunshine.
the moon was visible. in fact it was
nearly full. and readily visible in the
bright blue sky. that
was always a mystery to
the sexy big-dicked young man.
here it is bright daylight, and the moon
is visible.
he was sure this could be
explained by physics or astrophysics
or something scientific like that.
something he'd never
understand anyway. for him,
it was just a marvel:  the moon
by daylight.
when he sat down
at the kitchen table,
the tendrils of
the giant watermullafins
in the back yard
slithered on in thru
the open window,
unzipped his pants,
and wrapped themselves
comfortably around
his dick.
he tremendously enjoyed the
sensation as they
milked him dry of
his pent-up cum.
in fact,
there was so much
happiness in the room,
giddy-joyville pronouned the stacks of
steaming waffles, syruppy, and with
grammatically participatory
the sexy big-dicked young man
is once again
in the back yard.
the moon is still shining, but
pale now amongst the clouds.
a butterfly
landed on his
ring finger, and
stared up at
him, and
felt just like
the good parts,
where the
dick is still
a little drippy,
and smells like
the climate
in the terrarium
where the prettiest
ferns fiddlehead the

--Carl Miller Daniels (This poem was published in Chiron Review, Issue #122, Summer 2021.)

video -- great bod -- face not shown -- approx 30 seconds

video--jeans down -- lots of sighs--approx 2 minutes

 video -- beautiful guy gets filmed jerking off on couch beside a piano -- approx 3 minutes

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