Friday, July 31, 2020


These days I'm having more fun at my newTumbl blog than I'm having here at my blogspot blog. So I'll be posting here less frequently than I did before. I do hope you'll enjoy what I've already posted here, and also hope you'll be visiting my newTumbl blog, and enjoying your visits there.  newTumbl is lots of fun!  Reminder--

Here's the link to my newTumbl blog--

But you won't be able to see everything on my newTumbl blog unless you have a newTumbl blog of your own. In general, you'll only be able to see the "G-rated" stuff, and not any of the "X-rated" stuff on my newTumbl blog, if you don't have your own newTumbl blog.

Hope you'll decide to set up your own newTumbl blog if you don't already have one.  Like I said, newTumbl is lots of fun!

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