Tuesday, February 7, 2023




BG p70
(Beautiful Guy poem 70)

It's mid-afternoon. BG (Beautiful Guy)
and hot sexy Jake are naked
and sitting on the couch
in the living room of their
cozy little apartment. Just a
few minutes ago, they each
spurted another load of cum onto
the red-painted canvas that
they'll soon be selling
to the Museum Director for
400 thousand dollars.
They've already got over a million
dollars in the bank from the
sale of their cum-spattered
mirror and the sale of
their cum-spattered
blue-painted canvas.
And they'll soon be
adding 400 thousand
dollars more once
they've finish cumming on
the red-painted canvas. BG
will make the final
decision as to
when it's done, as to when the
red-painted canvas has
enough of their cum on
it to be called
done, he'll know
when it "just looks right".
"So what are we gonna do with
all this money?" says BG.
"How about we buy
a big-ass house?"
says Jake.
"Mmmm, that's a thought," says
BG. "But would you rather
fuck our brains out in
a big-ass fancy house
that drains all our money,
or would you rather fuck
our brains out here, in
our cozy little apartment,
where we pay almost nothing?"
"Good point," says Jake.
"Fucking is fucking. I'm
thinking fucking
here feels just as good
as fucking in a big-ass
"Precisely," says BG.
"So what are we gonna
do with all this money?"
says Jake.
"How about a pet?" says BG.
"A really expensive pet."
"Hey, if I get the urge to pet
something, I'd just
as soon pet my own dick,
or yours," says Jake.
Both BG and Jake
chuckle, sitting there
naked and gorgeous
on their couch in their
cozy little apartment.
BG grabs the
remote and turns on the   
television. There's
a re-run of the tv series
Flipper on, and
it happens to be a moment
when hot sexy Sandy
is wearing only
a tight pair of cut-off  
jeans, and he's walking
on the beach.  "Ahh,
Sandy," says BG. "Now
there's something I wouldn't
mind petting." "Ya got
that right," says Jake.
They both chuckle.
"So maybe we go to the beach,"
says Jake. "Stay at a fancy
hotel. Spend a bunch of bucks."
"Maybe..." says BG, kinda
drifting away as he watches
Sandy and starts masturbating.
Jake starts masturbating too.
Those two gorgeous young
men, BG is 26 years old,
and Jake is 25, and they
are both big-dicked cum factories,
making an endless supply
of cum, and spurting
five, six times a day.
It's a gift, and a
"I'll race ya to see
who cums first," says
BG. "You're on," says
Jake. So they
sit there on the couch,
side-by-side, tugging
vigorously on their
big hard dicks,
as Sandy walks on
the beach.
"Ummmmm," says BG. "Here
goes!" and BG
starts spurting cum,
and just after BG
starts spurting cum,
Jake starts spurting
cum too.  "I win!" says
BG. "I started first!"
"Just barely!" says Jake.
They sit there a while
longer, they're both spurting cum,   
and spurting cum, and spurting
yet more cum.  Then, when
they're done, they slump
back on the couch,
and kinda go limp all
over. "So what are we
gonna do with all this
money?" says BG.
"Yeah, what are we gonna
do?" says Jake.
They they both sigh,
and grin, sitting there
with their chests and
bellies drenched in
their own cum, its musky
scent heavy in the air.
--Carl Miller Daniels (February 7, 2023)








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