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BG p68
(Beautiful Guy poem 68)

So BG (Beautiful Guy) is standing
there naked in the entryway to
the kitchen. There's still
a droplet of post-orgasmic
cum clinging to the tip
of his still-hard dick.
Hot sexy Jake is sitting
at the kitchen table. Jake is
also naked,
his own hardon still
jutting up from between
his hairy muscular
"How 'bout I give you
a blowjob?" says BG.
"I could use a blowjob,"
says Jake.
Jake digs his
heels against the kitchen floor,
backs his chair away
from the table, and
spreads his legs
even wider. "Could
you maybe lick my
balls first?" says
his deep throaty voice sounding
kinda shy. "I think
my balls are craving
the tip of your tongue."
BG smiles, then he
gets down on his
hands and knees, crawls
on over to Jake,
sticks his face
between Jake's legs,
and starts licking
Jake's tight hairy
balls.  "Ummmm,
that's nice," says
Jake. "Real nice."
BG goes on licking
Jake's balls, first
the left one, then
the right one, then
back again.  Jake
tenses up, spreads
his legs even wider,
"Ummmmm," says
Jake, "we may not
need to get to that
blowjob part, Ummm,
I think I'm gonna
And Jake starts spurting
cum. He goes right
on spurting. Most
of it goes onto
his own chest and belly,
but some of it
makes its way
onto BG's eager face.
When Jake is done
spurting, he slumps
back onto the slick
wooden kitchen chair.
"Ahhh, that felt
great," says Jake.
BG stands up,
grabs a paper towel,
wipes the cum
off his own face,
then starts wiping
it off Jake's belly
and chest.  "I guess
I better wipe up
the cum that I spurted
onto the floor, too,"
says BG. "That was  
so cool," says Jake,
"your standing there
spurting cum, not
even touching yourself,
while you were
staring at me sitting
here at the
table," says Jake.
"Watching you cum,
is always so hot. A
gorgeous guy spurting
cum in the kitchen
while he stares at
me," says Jake.
"What's not to like?"
BG tosses the cum-soaked
paper towel into
the trash can, grabs
a fresh paper towel,
bends over and starts wiping
his own cum off
the floor.
"Turn around, says Jake,
"so that I can
see your butt."
"OK!" says BG. He turns
around, kind of wiggles
his butt, and keeps
on wiping the floor.
"Nice butt!" says Jake.
"Awww, thanks," says BG.
BG goes on wiping his
cum up off the floor.
When he's done, he
tosses the paper towel
into the trash can,
Jake puts his half-eaten
bowl of cereal on
the counter beside
the kitchen sink, and then
he and BG
head off to bed.
Their cozy little apartment
is very quiet, and the sound
of their breathing
as they drift off to
sleep is warm, friendly,
gentle. Both BG and Jake
sleep naked, the bed covers
generally pushed down
at their feet. They
are lying on their
backs, their dicks
once again hard,
jutting up above
their tight muscular
bellies, as BG and Jake
lie there naked, side-by-side,
sleeping, and dreaming.

--Carl Miller Daniels (February 4, 2023)









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