Friday, February 3, 2023




BG p67
(Beautiful Guy poem 67)

It's 2 a.m. BG (Beautiful Guy) wakes up,
sees a light coming from the kitchen.
He gets out of bed, follows his
hardon into the kitchen, sees
hot sexy Jake sitting at
the kitchen table, eating
a bowl of cereal. "I was
hungry," says Jake. "Didn't
mean to wake you."
Jake is so gorgeous at this
moment, sitting there
naked at their little kitchen
table, his big hard penis
jutting up from between
his hairy muscular legs.
"That's okay," says BG.
"This way I get to
see you sitting there,
looking like that."
"Looking like what?" says Jake.
"Oh, looking like you," says BG,
"Just like you usually
look, but even more so,
hot, and gorgeous, with
that wonderful hardon
of yours sticking up
like that."
"I do tend to get hard
a lot," says Jake. "Speaking
of, I notice you've got
a nice one, too."   
BG stands there, looking
at Jake, the kitchen
light on, Jake's hardon,
Jake's little nipples,
Jake swallowing milk
and cereal, Jake's Adam's
Apple moving up and down
a little as he swallows.
"You're just so damn pretty,"
says BG. Suddenly, BG
starts spurting cum. He wasn't
touching himself or anything.
He just starts spurting.
Jake watches him, smiles,
swallows a mouthful of cereal.
"Did I make you do that?" says Jake.
BG spurts out the last spurt
of cum. It goes plop onto
the floor not too far
from where Jake is sitting.
"Yep," says BG. "You did
that. Just seeing you sitting
there looking like that,
I guess that's all it took."
"I feel honored," says Jake.
Jake blushes a little, and
Jake never blushes.
BG stands there looking
at him, the kitchen
so quiet, the musky smell
of his own freshly
spurted cum thick
in the air.

--Carl Miller Daniels (February 3, 2023) 




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You call that a poem?